Seasonal wears

Various selections of seasonal wears from popular brands like Circus Circus, TOTO&ROY or others.

*Majority is for small size dogs.


Dog carry bags

Dog carry bags, Sling bags that protect your dogs and are useful when you take time with your dogs at the public space.

Food Bowl

Food bowls, Water bottles, Petit-cans

Safe foodwares ,made by natural minerals, free of toxic elements like lead or cadmium are recommended for the safe life of your dogs.


Dog beds

The moderate softness and the oval shape embrace your dogs gently and calmly, and makes them relaxed.  Those are washable at home and you can keep them clean.

Goods / Toys

Collars, Leashes, Harnesses, Mats, Toys

For your wonderful life with your dogs, daily walks and lives or travels.