Spring/Summer Sale

50% off on most of the items in the shop (except for some new items).

Here you see some examples.


Fri. May the 3rd – Mon. May the 5th 12:00-18:00


Cherry frills blouse

8030JPY→4015JPY (tax inc.)

Circus-Circus Tank-top

6050JPY→3025JPY (tax inc.)

Junior PIE Cool Tank-yop

4180JPY→2090JPY (tax inc.)

Cherry blossom  Japanese “Yukata”

5500JPY→2750JPY (tax inc.)


Reversible Bed  S-size

9790JPY→4895JPY (tax inc.)

Reversible Bed  S-size

9790JPY→4895JPY (tax inc.)

Circus Circus  Toy Bear Cool Bed

S 9350JPY→4675JPY (tax inc.)

Washable Star Bed

6380JPY→3190JPY (tax inc.)


Mini Tote-bag (for Owners)

8140JPY→4070JPY (tax inc.)

Carry Bag

24200JPY→12100JPY (tax inc.)

Denim material Sling

M 14300JPY→7150JPY (tax inc.)

S 13200JPY→6600JPY (tax inc.)

Stitch-flower Sling

15400JPY→7700JPY (tax inc.)

Food Bowl

Le Creuset Food Bowl

M 3850JPY→1925JPY (tax inc.)

S 2750JPY→1375JPY (tax inc.)

Shinshu-Yaki Food Bowl

M 3080JPY→1540JPY (tax inc.)

P 2420JPY→1210JPY (tax inc.)

S 1760JPY→880JPY (tax inc.)

Fuzz Yard Food Bowl S-size

2200JPY→1100JPY (tax inc.)

Meshidai Gohan  Tray/Bowl-incl.

S 6050JPY→3025JPY (tax inc.)

SS 4235JPY→2117JPY (tax inc.)


Denim-studs Collar/Leash -incl.

9625JPY→4812JPY (tax inc.)

Toto&Pal Plaid-Harness

size6 4070JPY→2035JPY (tax inc.)

size7 4180JPY→2090JPY (tax inc.)

Toto&Pal Plaid-Lead

15mm 3960JPY→1980JPY (tax inc.)

10mm 3740JPY→1870JPY (tax inc.)

CrazyBoo Harness

3520JPY→1760JPY (tax inc.)

Toto&Pal Collar/Leash

Collar 1870JPY~→935JPY~ (tax inc.)

Lead 2040JPY~→1020JPY~ (tax inc.)


Dental Denim-rope

2167JPY→1083JPY (tax inc.)

Pull-tab Duck

1430JPY→715JPY (tax inc.)

DOG Petit-case

935JPY→467JPY (tax inc.)

(Various breeds available)

Loop Stainless Bottle

L 2640JPY→1320JPY (tax inc.)

M 2310JPY→1155JPY (tax inc.)

S 1980JPY→990JPY (tax inc.)

Heart-patch Cafe-mat

4180JPY→2090JPY (tax inc.)

Cafe-mat “Smile”

4400JPY→2200JPY (tax inc.)

Picnic Toys

HotDog 1650JPY→825JPY (tax inc.)

Pepper Source 803JPY→401JPY (tax inc.)

Cup 1848JPY→924JPY (tax inc.)

Manner Pouch

2200JPY→1100JPY (tax inc.)